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Professional Horology

With over 30 years of Experience in the industry,  from Manufacturing & Offical Service Agency work through to Antique Restoration and Conservation,  we are  uniquely skilled at all aspects of Horology,  Specializing in Vintage Repair & Antique Restorations,   with all our work guaranteed,  and with being a member of Industry bodies such as:  Watch & Clockmakers of Australia :   You can be assured that your precious Timepieces will be in good hands. 


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From the earliest Pocket Watches,  Mechanical and Automatic wrist watches,  Complications (Calendars-Alarms-Chronographs), Early Electronic (Magnetic Balance wheel-Tuningfork),  Battery powered Quartz,  Through to Modern Hi-Tech Machines,  we offer expert repairs to all generations of Timepieces.


Movement Servicing

Watch Movements are very precise, highly engineered mechanical marvels, that require periodic servicing to maintain there reliability and accuracy.   Movement servicing consists of completely disassembling every component in to each individual part, carefully cleaned, any worn or damaged parts are replaced, then precisely reassembled, lubricated, timed and tested to manufacturers specifications. 


Minor Repairs

Minor Repairs are repairs that can be done to the watch without the need to disassemble the movement,  examples of this type of service may include - Battery replacement - Resealing - Pressure Testing - Glass Replacement - Band repairs and adjustments - Etc,  with a large amount of parts kept in stock, we are able to do most Minor repairs  as a priority service.


Case Repairs and Refinishing

The casing of a watch acts as the only barrier between your precise complicated movement and the torture of the elements,  they get beaten-soaked-dropped-knocked & scratched.  Whether you need your casing structurally sound or aesthetically pleasing, be it Stainless Steel, Titanium,  Silver or Gold,  we can Repair and or Refinish your case & band as you require.


For Centuries Clocks have been used to mark mans journey though history, there have been too many different types and styles to possibly list. With some of the more popular being, Mantle-Wall-Longcase-Regulator-Carrige-alarm and of course Cuckoo Clocks,  all with so many different methods of timekeeping. Driven by weights-springs, even air temperature, Regulated by Balance wheels-pendulums-rolling balls, these are just some examples .  Every Clock has its own story and individual quirks,  and we love them all.


movement repair / service

Due to Clocks extended running times, the pressure load on there wheels is quite high, and without regular maintenance, they will wear severely.  During a Clock Movement Rebuild it's important that all wear is corrected and just not "cleaned", Worn Pivot Holes need bushing to re centre wheels, and pivots must be polished to reduce friction. The Mainsprings also need close inspection as there tension will reduce over decades of running.  Precise Assembly, Lubication and Adjustment is also key  for a clock to give years of reliable service.


case restoration

Clock cases are made from a variety of materials, mainly wood, marble, slate & metal. We are able to provide a range of services to repair or restore the finish of clock cases, including French polishing-Stone lapping-Powder coating and Guilting.  Also offered is Dial Repairs, Silvering-Stencilling-Screen printing,  all care is taken with original finishes and done with Conservation in mind. 


custom parts

Most parts are not able to be ordered, but we do have the ability to Custom Hand make most Parts needed to bring your clock back to life.